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Founder, Design Specialist

Having lived in Jasper her whole life, Anna finds blessings in the little things. Family, faith and friends are what matters most to her. Seeking to better her community and serve the people of Jasper with a God given talent, Anna strives to create the most unique, memorable arrangements for any occasion.

Anna has been in the floral industry for more than ten years. She finds great joy in creating pieces that are one-of-a-kind and designed to touch the senses. Anna always looks for a way to take the beauty that is all around us and create a piece that is truly a testament to what God has blessed us with.



Design Specialist, Floral Production Manager

With a belief that every single element floral design is critical, Bethany pays close attention to the details that make her pieces spectacular.

Bethany began her floral adventures when she was in her teens. What began as a job has turned into an unveiling of her God-given talent. Her eye for color combination cannot be matched. Having more than twenty years in the floral industry, Bethany has the knowledge and desire to provide clients with the floral designs that go deeper than just pretty flowers and speak to those who receive them on a deeper level.

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